Is your air conditioner not working properly? Do you know the possible reason behind it? Do you know that there are several common issues associated with your air conditioner that you can fix easily at home? Most of your air conditioner problems need professional technicians to repair and fix it, but there are some common problems that you can fix at home easily. Here we will help you to know some common problems associated with air conditioner’s functionality and performance and help you to fix it. We will provide you a simple troubleshooting guide that will help you to fix and maintain your air conditioner in perfect working condition, brought to you by¬†air conditioning repair cypress tx.

# 1 Turning ON issues Associated with your Air Conditioner

If the issue is about turning ON of your air conditioner, check exterior units to know whether condenser is active or not. Ensure that the exterior unit of your air conditioner is plugged in appropriately and thermostat setting is done properly. Simply lower the thermostat levels 5 to 10 degrees and check if it fixes the turning ON issue of your air conditioner.Most of the thermostats are tricky and reading the manual of these thermostats can help you to save your time money.If the above troubleshoots doesn’t help you, check if there is an issue with its fuse or circuit breaker.However, if your system is still not working or your coil is frozen, possibly the issue is because of its compressor or motor, and you must contact any professional technician to repair your air-conditioner.

# 2 Cooling Issues Associated With Your Air Conditioner

If your system is turning on properly and your thermostat setting is appropriate, but your air conditioner is not cooling the air then probably the issue is blocked or dirty air condenser. First of all, check the exterior unit and clean the area around it properly and remove if there is any weeds or debris that are possibly blocking the air circulation.Next, ensure that your filter is clean. Most of the time, a dirty filter resists the airflow towards the evaporator that leads to freezing of coil. If you are having pets or use air conditioner more often, then it’s important for you to change your filter more frequently. A great way to check or test your filter is to pull your filter out and check if you can see through it.If the problem persists, then possibly the problem is with refrigerant or compressor any you should contact any professional technician for repairing.

# 3 If Your System Is Not Able To Cooling Your Home Adequately

If your air conditioner is turning on properly and everything is set perfectly but not cooling your home adequately, you might have a unit that is not appropriately sized for your home. Don’t forget that your air conditioner must be sized appropriately to cool your home on average summer days. An average system must have the ability to maintain a temperature difference of 20-25 degree. You can also say that your present air conditioner is not designed to maintain your home temperature at 68 degrees when it’s 100 degrees outside. However, is its normal summer day and still, your system is not able to maintain your home temperature, probably the problem is with charge or frozen evaporator coil. If you notice any visible icing on the exterior unit, just shut off and contact a professional for repair.

Above provided troubleshooting will be really beneficial for you. You can repair or fix common problems of your air conditioner easily by yourself at your home. However, perform all the above-stated testings and troubleshooting carefully and safely to prevent any kind of electric shock or damages.

Common fixes for your air conditioner