When looking for the right beard trimmer, the usual query that people worry about is whether to go for a corded or cordless type.

It takes somebody who has used both types regularly over several years to tell you the merits and drawbacks of both types. Both still offer great results when trimming and styling your beard. The type of trimmer that fits your needs depends wholly on your individual prerequisites, personal preferences, and lifestyle.

Differences between Cordless and Corded beard trimmers


Both device types include cords in their packaging, but they vary in purpose. For the corded trimmer, the cord is permanently affixed to it and must be connected to a power supply in order for it to work. For the cordless trimmer, however, the cord may be attached to a charging base of the device itself. The cordless trimmer is only plugged in when it runs low on charge and is operated while running on an in-built battery. There are trimmers that are hybrids offering the functionalities of both types in one device, look at beardcareshop.com/panasonic-er-gb40-s/.


Cordless trimmers are more transportable as they tend to carry less baggage. If you do not want to be limited by a cord when giving your beard a trim you can go for this type as this suits you. The corded variants of trimmers have long cords that usually get tangled in your bag taking up more space. The plug can also damage other things in your bag like phone/tablet screens. But if you are the kind of person that does all his grooming at home, portability is not an issue when choosing between the two.

Cordless trimmers run on battery juice and the power output reduces with the decrease in battery charge. The corded trimmers produce more power since they are connected directly to a power supply. They can also deliver strong and unswerving power for long lengths of time. If you go for the cordless type, look for a model with a lithium-ion battery since they have the largest battery capacity.

Merits and Drawbacks of corded beard trimmers

Advantages include;

Since they run on electric energy channeled directly from an external electric socket, there is no worry of the power running out as you are trimming.

They are more durable than cordless trimmers.

On the other hand, the downsides are;

The cord tends to get in your way as you try to trim your beard or the cord can get


This type limits your flexibility and it cannot be used inside a shower as you may get


Benefits and Shortcomings of cordless beard trimmers

Pros include;

Provided the battery is fully charged you can use it anywhere.

You have freedom of movement and you don’t have to be limited to space next to an


The cons include;

The charge of your device may run out of charge before you complete trimming your beard.

Some batteries require careful charging requirements or their capacity can be greatly damaged resulting in shorter battery lifespans.

Corded And Uncorded Beard Trimmers.