1. Give the serum some time in your palm before you apply it.

Most serums come as thick liquids which means that powering it in your palm and rubbing it in the hair immediately would not give you the best results. Because of its thick nature, it is advisable to give 5-6 seconds for the serum to soften and become lighter so you can easily apply it in the hair from the product at threesquaressoil.com.

2. Use the palm not the comb for smooth hair.

After you have treated your hair and given it a thorough combing, it is best to use your palm to make the hair smooth compared to using the comb. Using the comb will create more frizzes in the hair but when you use the palm, the heat in the palm will easily make your hair come out perfectly without any frizzes. The first step to using the hair serum to treat your frizzy hair is knowing the type of hair you have and deciding the kind of serum you will buy. From there you can follow through these tips to make sure you have the best result and eliminate the frizzes from your hair.

3. Preventing dandruff
Can you imagine someone tapping on your shoulder and telling you that there is some dandruff on your coat or dress? It would be an embarrassing moment for you and the people around you. You can avoid such scenes by using the right hair oil to prevent dandruff. Remember, dandruff is the result of many things including a dry scalp and various conditions affecting the skin. Fortunately, hair oil contains moisturizers that moisten your scalp preventing dandruff. Some of them have other ingredients as well that help you fight skin conditions that lead to the development of dandruff.

4. Preventing fungal and bacterial infections
Bacteria and fungi are everywhere, and your scalp is not an exception. Your primary goal should be minimizing the presence of harmful bacteria and fungi. Failure to achieve this goal leads to the development of severe infections. These infections threaten your physical health. For instance, fungal and bacterial infections lead to the loss of hair. Irritations in affected areas may follow. Redness and swelling may develop as well. Eventually, your hair will be a mess. Even combing it will be difficult. Using hair oil helps you prevent such scenarios because many of them contain anti-fungal and anti-bacterial ingredients.

General Uses of Hair Serum & Oil