Buying property can sometimes be really hectic. People traditionally hire a real estate agent to handle their purchases and sales. These days however, people might be tempted to forego the agent in an attempt to save money. A lot of information is available online these days and with a little research you might feel confident enough to handle your own property transaction. There is nothing wrong with that.

The question now becomes; do we still need real estate agents? The answer is yes we do. This article highlights the tangible benefits of hiring a real estate agent and to sell your house fast.


A lot of people believe that the lowest price is the best price. When it comes to property however, this is the wrong way to look at price. A good agent will advise their client on the best way to get good value for their money. An agent is also better placed to bargain for their client because they have had years of negotiating experience.


Agents are privy to information about the market which may not be found online or on official documents. An agent will know the average cost of properties similar to the one you are buying or selling. Some homes have negative history like ‘murder houses’ and without an agent, you might unknowingly buy one.


There are a lot of con artists in real estate. Your agent will keep jokers and crooks away from you and only ensure you meet with serious legitimate clients. This will save you precious time and possible loss of money.


A lot of the houses on the market usually need repairs before they can be occupied. Some repairs are necessary while others you can live without. Requesting repairs can sometimes make or break a deal. Your agent will advise you which repairs to insist on and which ones to let go. The agent will also recommend a good home inspector to thoroughly check the home before you make any financial commitments.


These days, a real estate deal involves a lot of paperwork. They contain a lot of legal details which should be handled properly to avoid landing yourself in court and subsequently losing money in fines. Real estate agents have experience handling these documents and they know what to look out for.

Unlisted properties

Most people do not like to advertise the fact that they are selling their home. They will only tell their agent to quietly find them a buyer. Unless you hire an agent yourself, you might miss out on these unlisted properties.

Future Deals

Agents thrive on making a good impression and therefore ensuring future business for themselves later on. This can also benefit you as the home buyer or seller. Once you do business with a good agent, then the next time you are doing any real estate deal you don’t have to go hunting for a new agent.

After issues

Some issues may arise later after the deal has already been closed. An example is the issue of tax. Tax authorities that deal with property tax may fall behind in serving invoices. This can cause a lot of confusion on a property you have just bought. Good agents keep in touch after the deal and should such problems arise, they solve them for you.