An application filling service likeĀ is where a third party agent facilitates the social security card request making it convenient for you to change your details on the social security card, request for a new card as a first time applicant or replacement of the card in the case that its lost. When choosing an application filing service there are a number of things to put into consideration, these are : Charges The fee that the third party will charge you should only be the processing fee because applying for a social security service card is absolutely free. However you should compare charges from different third party agents. This comparison helps one to determine the best application filing service provider. It does not mean the cheapest one is the best, they may provide poor quality of service. Eligibility For one to apply they must be of eligible age. The agent who will assist you in applying for the card should be able to identify that you are of eligible age.. He or she asks you to prove your identity by providing the required documentation to show that you are a citizen and eligible for the card. It is good to note that if you are 12 years of age and your record of having been issued with a social security number you will go to apply in person. Required is hospital record that will indicate the hospital and time you were born , passport, religious record that indicates the time and day you were born. There is also evidence of your identity that will be needed to get the application filing service provider started on your application birth certificate and U.S passport, certificate of citizenship or Naturalization. Being an immigrant must provide an unexpired document that has been issued to you by the Department Of Homeland Security. If you are an international student or an exchange student you must provide documentation issued to you by the school or the sponsor or employer .

Time frame – When choosing the right application filing service provider you should. consider one with experience in providing the service. He or she should be able to provide the service in a short period of time and it should be effective. If one takes a longer period to process your application then you should know he or she is not qualified to offer the service and you may find mistakes in your application. There is also a a required period of time that is used to process your social security card. The whole application process is done online and therefore you should not be told that there is handing over of the form by hand.

You should note that the information that you will provide during the time you will be applying for the social security card is voluntary and if you fail to give the required information you may not be issued with a social security card. Summary This are also some of the consideration to have in mind when choosing the right application service: Professionalism When looking for the right third party agent you should look for one who is a professional. Being assisted by a professional will make your application process easier.

How to Choose The Right Application Filing Service