The recent technological innovations and advancements in the present day world has led to the establishment of mobile desks. These are portable computer desks or computer stations that can be easily moved from one place to another during the working hours as per the convenience of the employee or any other user. In the offices, these mobile desks are aimed at improving efficiency and productivity by creating a friendly and comfortable working environment for the employees. They allow the employees to change from a sitting to a standing posture while still going on with their tasks. These mobile desks are introduced in the work place to help eliminate the limitations caused by the fixed set up of office equipment.

These mobile desks from bring with them endless benefits to the users. These benefits can be summed up into the following:

1.Increased productivity.

The mobile desks allows workers to carry out more tasks within a limited period of time which in turn increases productivity. Compared to the fixed computer station where one has to keep moving back to the desk to feed in data to the computer, the mobile desk can be moved around the office allowing one to feed in data to the computer while away from his or her desk. This applies mostly in the case of stock taking. It helps save on time and also increases the general productivity.

2.Absence of extension cords.

We have at one time worked in an office or visited one in which the extension cords lie carelessly on the floor. This makes the office or industry floor untidy and unprofessional. These tangles of extension cords brings about a tripping hazard in the working environment. However, when using the mobile desks this is not the case since they come with a rechargeable power pack hence eliminating the need of connecting the extension cords to the main power cables. The absence of extension cords and other wires on the floor gives the office or industry a professional and tidy appearance.


Spending most of your working hours sited in front of a computer desk may cause boredom and monotony in work. The mobile computer desks allows the employee to move freely around the office while performing different tasks. This reduces boredom and increases the employee’s morale which in turn increases their efficiency in work. These mobile desks are believed to be a motivating tool for employees in the work place.


For those who work indoor, from the convenience of their homes, they are able to move their mobile computer desks from one room to another. Through this one can even work from the convenience of his or her bedroom or from any other room in the house. This means that one is not bound to remain in one place due to the inability to move the personal computer around.

5.Saves on space.

The fixed computer desks usually consume a lot of floor space in the office or even at homes. The good news for those who want to use the computer desks but are hindered by the limited space available is that the mobile computer desks consume less space and are suitable for use in offices and homes with less space.

Obviously, these are some of the most common reasons why the mobile computer desks are becoming popular in today’s word and wining their part in the world market.

Improvements from Mobile Desks