Laser engraving machines are versatile machines that allow anyone to produce both beautiful and functional items. They are used in a wide range of industries for cutting a large variety of materials. If you’re willing to purchase laser engraving equipment, here are some tips that will help you choose the best product for your needs:

Type of laser cutting machine – for DIY projects and small businesses, a desktop laser engraving machine from is perfect, because of its cost and dimensions. CNC laser cutters are a better option for automatic work, for larger volumes.

The material you will engrave – you have to choose the laser engraver according to the materials you will cut/engrave most of the time. There are on the market machines dedicated to a specific type of material, and these engravers have the advantage of being adapted and optimized for that specific material, but a huge disadvantage will be that you cannot use it for other kinds of material.

Power – the power of an engraving machine resides in its ability to cut with high precision a large variety of materials. Classical cutters (drag knife cutters) have limited possibilities, while laser engraving/cutting equipment can easily hand a huge variety of materials.

Speed – check laser engraving machine’s specifications and there you will find the speed parameter. You definitely want a machine that will do its job fast, with precision. Moreover, if you purchase the engraving machine for industrial purposes, this is a key factor in the decisional process, right after precision and cost.

Power consumption is an important parameter not only for your energy bill but also for determining the machine’s capabilities. Laser engraving pieces of equipment with lower power consumption rates can be used successfully for cutting wood or for stamp carvings, while more powerful machines, with power consumption around 400-600 Watts can be used for metal cutting.

Workspace – dimensions, size, and weight are important parameters especially if you own a small workspace. Bulky, large machines will only hinder movement. Also, pay attention to weight: if your workspace is not on the ground floor, then you should check in the building’s technical parameters how much weight one floor can support and if the machine’s weight is safe for this range.

Maintenance and service – how hard are to maintain the laser engraving equipment? Do you need specialized professionals for the maintenance inspection or you can do it by yourself? Another important aspect is to know who you should address in case of repair service needed. Will the seller provide such a service or you have to find it by yourself? How much support and assistance does the seller offer? Is it a reputable company (search for reviews and references)?

All the aspects mentioned above will help you make the best choice regarding the purchase of laser engraving equipment and remember that the equipment you purchase should fit your needs and work preferences. Price was not mentioned among the aspects above, but you should know that not all expensive products make great jobs; you will be surprised to find on the market products with lower acquisition costs that do a wonderful job. This means that when willing to purchase a laser engraving equipment, you should also check other customers’ reviews.

How to pick the right laser engraving equipment