Fine jewellery is prone to get damaged at some point, that is why it is essential to have yourjewellery
checked yearly by a jeweller. When your jewellery gets damaged, you should take it to be repaired instantly before an extension of the damage occurs. Outlined below is a list of reasons as to why you should fix your

1. Extends The Life Span of Your Jewellery

With the typical day to day wear, your jewellery is likely to get worn out. Good jewellery is very much similar to the tyres of your car. After a certain period, for you to enjoy your car, you must have it checked, and specific maintenance conducted at a repair shop near me.

No matter the quality of your jewellery, a stone can get loose, and metal scratched. Always visit an experienced jeweller every six months or annually for repair and maintenance of yourjewellery. By doing this, you ensure that all your jewellery will last for a good number of years and can even be passed to your next generation.

2. Damaged Jewellery Can Be Dangerous for Your Clothes

Nothing is as damaging to your clothes and sweaters like a sharp prong. Every or most ladies have had the experience of having their clothes destroyed by a reprobate piece of jewellery. If a prong becomes sharp, then it needs to be re-tipped and re-shaped.

3. Makes the Jewellery Look New

Repairing your jewellery makes it look new. The jeweller gets to tighten all the loose ends in your jewellery, removes critical scratches and if interested rhodium platinum can be applied to your jewellery for a few bucks to give your jewellery that shiny finish.

4. It Saves You On Money

Having your jewellery fixed or repaired immediately after damage saves you a lot of money. Failure to repairing damaged jewellery will lead to an extension of the damage which also increases the amount of money that you would have initially used in fixing it.

5. Safety check

In addition to having your jewellery repaired, the jeweller also gets the chance to inspect the safety and condition of your jewellery. The jewellery will be checked for broken and worn out parts.

6. Cleaning

In addition to having your jewellery repaired, the jewellery can also have the chance of cleaning your jewellery. Cleaning enhances the appearance of your jewellery and also keeps the jewellery in excellent condition.

When dirt piles up in your jewellery, it makes it wear out quickly due to the friction incurred. Dirt hides in the broken parts, and it is hard to know that till you take the jewellery to a repair shop.

7. Polishing

After you have taken your jewellery to the jeweller for repair, your jewellery will also get polished. If your jewellery is made of a soft metal, then you should not have it polished regularly. Polishing it more often will cause the metal to become worn out.

If you are jewellery owner, make a habit of annually taking your jewellery to an experienced jeweller for inspection and repair. A repair will save you on a lot of costs and damages that can occur if the pieces of jewellery are unattended. The jeweller will also advise you on how to keep your jewellery to avoid damages.

Repairing your Jewelry