End of the Earth, that’s what Cabo San Lucas is famously referred to. It lies at the last piece of land in the Baja California Peninsula. The city is a destination to many tourists for its deep Mexican heritage, Mexican delicacies, and the plethora coastal line answers a travelers curiosity on what to do at Cabo San Lucas. Cabo San Lucas offers a full packaged experience from scuba diving, riding horses in the desert, sunset cruising under the famous El Arco arch which marks the meeting point between the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez. Cabo San Lucas is a wonderful place to be here is just a few activities to partake for a memorable experience which you can make better through premier cabo villas for rent.

Sea of Cortez

Cabo San Lucas has a vast number when it comes to hidden beaches. The sea provides a slice of paradise with its rich flora and fauna interaction. This is among the top places to visit in the city of Cabo San Lucas. The community around the Sea provides a memorable visit to this aquarium. Cruising companies provide adventurous experience with a range of activities around the ports. Skiff tours, snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, and hiking arejust but a few adventurous activities offered by the cruising companies. The sea has a beautiful ecosystem full of marine life. The untouched marine life extends from friendly blue whales, sea lions to seabirds.

Wild Canyon

This involves experiencing the wild canyon by fly across it suspended by cable lines that stretch out close to a half a mile. Tourists also view the dramatic parts of the park by driving across the canyon on a bridge suspended by cable lines.

Sunset cruising

Cabo is known for its beautiful landscape that provides phenomenal sunset experience. Most cruise companies incorporate the experience with dining especially for those traveling as a couple or a family. Lovers Beach, Divorce beach and the famous Arco are the places to sail for sunset viewing.

Mexican delicacies

A trip to Cabo San Lucas is not just traveling around but experiencing the rich Mexican delicacies. The restaurants provide a wide range of delicious delicacies from seafood to fresh food from the garden. Despite being in a semi-arid area Cabo San Lucas the restaurants serve fresh from the garden organic locally farmed vegetables. Not only being a source of fish and marine life the sea provide perfect scenery for dining. Restaurants are located adjacent to the beaches. Innovation in the hospitality industry has taken a step into outside catering on the sea improve the overall experience of a visitor. What’s the point of visiting Cabo without enjoying their signature drink tequila?

Experiencing the Mexican culture

Todas Santos is a small town near Cabo San Lucas that exhibits the Mexican tradition through art from galleries and the music. Catholic is a common religion in Mexico and the ancient Catholic churches structures complete the town. San Jose is another town near Cabo San Lucas that has rich Mexican culture.


Mexico is more than just the crossroads to southern and northern America. Cabo San is among a unique place in the world where the land meets the ocean. The clean sea, spectacular marine ecosystem and the Mexican experience defines at Cabo San Lucas

The Paradise that is Cabo San Lucas