Initially leggings were a popular women clothing, but then in recent times we have men wearing leggings and terming them as tights. Women wore it for fashion as it went with any outfit ranging from flats to boots.These days they are used for sports and workouts due to their flexibility and ability to stretch. It’s highly fashionable and expandable to any outfit you intend to wear


1. There are leggings for every occasion. You can wear leggings during a hang out with friends and family. You can wear it out during workouts, yoga and even hikes. There are leather leggings, patterned leggings, fleece-lined leggings and many more at

2. They are the comfiest cIothes. Leggings are worn anywhere even on bed because you have no problem taking a nap in them. They are warm and during cold days you can wear it at home cuddled up in your bed.

3. They are very flexible.They stretch and don’t wrinkle hence they don’t hinder any position you wish to sit. You can pull off any yoga pose without strain or breaking any circulation of your blood. Movement possibilities are endless.

4.They highlight your curves. Women love to expose their curves while men also love checking them out. With leggings it complements your figure. It flows with your body.

5. It goes with any shoe you want. It provides you with a wide range of possible outfits. You can wear them with heels for class, flat sport shoes for that workout look, boots and many other combos.

6. They are cheap.This means you have no excuse to own one for every look. You can have multiple in any design color or pattern.

7. You can make leggings work in any situation. You can have them at work, spin classes and even a date.

8. You can eat anything and anyhow while wearing legs. Most of the time you can eat to the point you have to loosen your jeans. With leggings that’s sorted out. It flows with your body. It’s one with your body. You don’t have to limit your eating.

9. Leggings also gives you a sense of confidence as you feel good. Maybe your workout results have started showing and leggings help you showcase it giving you that extra self-esteem.

10. There’s literally leggings for when you old and when you are young. It has no age restriction.

11. They are unisex. It is not necessarily meant for women as they are the majority who wear it. There is also men leggings that you can wear out for dancing, sports, workout, swimming etc.

12. Unlike skinny jeans they do not cut off circulation to your legs even though they are tight.

13. They work as pajamas. Due to its softness and warmth they are nice pajamas that don’t look like pajamas.

14. They are good for travelling for they are lighter and easy for packing. It can also serve in any weather as they come in different textures.

15. They are good with long shirts that are too big to be classified as shirts and too short to be regarded as dresses.

16. They do not require you to change after a day out as they transition from a day to night outfit.

Why you should start wearing leggings